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  • Lifestyle Photographer

  • Greensburg, Indiana

  • 36 Years Old

  • Husband & 3 Daughters

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Hi lovely,

I’m Crystal.


I’m a true GIRLS RULE type of lady. A mom to three little girls. A sister to three little sisters. An aunt to nine nieces. A daughter to the most incredible mother. While my husband is great, as are men in general, I think the women truly deserve to be celebrated. 

I have been a photographer for 5+ years, just getting into boudoir in the last couple of years. A potential client asked me to do a boudoir session, and I stepped outside of my comfort zone and said yes. I immediately fell in love with the beauty of boudoir. Sure, the gorgeous photos are great…but for me, the absolute best part is watching my client let her guard down. Watching her learn to love her most inner self. Seeing her open up, have fun, and finally see herself the way others do.

I truly hope that you walk away from this experience with a new found love and appreciation for yourself. For your body and the story it tells. I hope that these photos help you remember how far you’ve come. Your struggles. Your successes. The time you did something you thought you couldn’t do. 

I’m told I am a great encourager; a title I am so humbled to be called. Through boudoir, together, we can help you break out of your comfort zone, push past your fears, and find yourself again. Let me be your hype girl and let's have a fun day of self care together!

With Love,


  • Craft beer lover

  • Biggest hype girl

  • Passionate about empowering women

  • Lover of all things beautiful

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