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The Boudoir Maternity Session follows the same pricing options as normal boudoir sessions.  Additionally, the Maternity Boudoir Session can be substituted , at no extra cost, for the maternity session that is provided in the Belly-to-Baby Package found on the CLP website HERE. There is also an option to add the Maternity Boudoir Session onto your Belly-to-Baby Package (regular Maternity Session + Maternity Boudoir Session).  (Maternity Boudoir Sessions that are used in the Belly-to-Baby Package do not come with all of the benefits that are listed on the CLP Boudoir website, including hair and makeup)

*It is also important to note that stretch marks will not be edited out of photos. I am a very body-positive photographer and believe that stretch marks are part of the story of our lives.

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