The Boudoir Maternity Session follows the same pricing options as normal boudoir sessions, which can be found HERE. Additionally, the Maternity Boudoir Session can be substituted , at no extra cost, for the maternity session that is provided in the Belly-to-Baby Package found on the CLP website HERE. There is also an option to add the Maternity Boudoir Session onto your Belly-to-Baby Package (regular Maternity Session + Maternity Boudoir Session) at a cost of $300. (Maternity Boudoir Sessions that are used in the Belly-to-Baby Package do not come with all of the benefits that are listed on the CLP Boudoir website, including hair and makeup)

Maternity Boudoir Sessions that are part of the Belly-to-Baby Package are 30 minutes. They begin outside in an urban setting  with a beautiful dress, and then transition indoors for the boudoir portion. (The Urban portion of the session is optional) Your spouse is more than welcome to attend the session and be included in a portion of the photos.

*It is also important to note that stretch marks will not be edited out of photos. I am a very body-positive photographer and believe that stretch marks are part of the story of our lives.