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Frequently Asked Questions

I am so nervous! Is this going to be scary?

It's okay to be nervous! Most of my ladies tell me they are the night before and even the morning of. Every single time, my clients tell me within 5 minutes of starting the session they are feeling better, more relaxed, and then are even sad when the shooting experience is over! Face your fears, that is part of the fun and what makes boudoir so exciting!

I want to lose weight or get more fit before my session...should I wait until my body is where I want it to be?

I know some ladies they worry about being "sexy" or "fit” enough for boudoir…trust me, it isn't about that. It's about feeling beautiful in your own skin. Learning to love yourself again. I love helping my clients see their true beauty, the way the rest of the world sees them...because we all know we are our own worst critic. So please know, you're like, really pretty. I promise. And I promise to make you feel freaking fantastic and look your absolute best in the photos we create together. This will be one of those experiences that sticks with you forever and changes the way you view yourself.


Do I have to buy expensive lingerie?

Boudoir photography doesn't have to mean sexy lingerie and means showing your inner and outer beauty, in a way that is comfortable for you. It's about remembering how beautiful, sexy, and strong you are as a woman.  Bodysuits, sports bras, cozy sweaters, men's shirts, etc are still sexy! Think outside the box and get creative! I also have a growing client closet with options for you to wear as well at no extra charge.

What does the day look like?

Your boudoir day is all about self care and loving on YOU. You will start your day being pampered by getting your hair and makeup professionally done. After that, you will head to the CLP studio where we will discuss your outfit line up and come up with a plan for the day. Once we choose your outfits, I will walk you through every single step of every single pose; don't worry one bit about how to pose, what to do with your hands, or how to make that "sexy face." I've got you covered girl. After we are done shooting, I will send you off to get lunch/coffee or go shopping, then once I am done doing a soft edit on your images, you will come back to the CLP studio to see your images! At that time you will decide which collection you want based on how many photos you love. Your day of self care will last from about 9:30AM-4PM. It's a day all about YOU and making you feel beautiful and empowered.

If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. I promise to make you feel comfortable and walk you through all of your fears. Let's do this thing!

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