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Every woman is unique. Every woman has a story. So many things have happened in your life that have helped mold you as the powerful woman you are today. I know you may identify with words such as proud mama, or hardworking girl boss, loving wife, kind friend…but beneath all those layers, you are also FIERCE. Let’s celebrate your successes while honoring your struggles.  You are unique and possess a one-of-a-kind beauty that deserves to be honored. This is why I became a boudoir photographer.

Boudoir is an EXPERIENCE. I like to compare it to skydiving. People go skydiving because they hear it is an incredible experience, scary, but amazing. They will often pay a little extra to get the video and photo footage to document this exciting time in their life. Boudoir is the same. It's about the experience, the fear you push through to do something out of your comfort zone, the change in the way you see yourself. The photos are just an amazing bonus. This is one of those experiences that will stick with you forever. 


Do it. Trust me. You are going to LOVE it.


I love gathering testimonies from my fearless ladies that took the plunge! My goal is to make you feel sexy, classy, and confident. While those 3 words are very empowering, the photos I deliver paint the female form in a delicate, sensual fashion. CLP Boudoir is in the business of delivering photography that is just as powerful as it is elegant.
I’m ready to do another session! Honestly I was more excited for these pictures it’s than my wedding pictures. And looking back I felt more beautiful and natural in these pictures then I did my wedding ones!
Own your beautiful *capable* perfectly imperfect body♥️ I was FrEaKiNg out!! But Crystal is precious!! I felt like we were college roomies, laughing it up! I had never done a shoot like this- I am almost 42 I have 3 kids. ..But this....a quote: You’re the oldest you’ve ever been and as young as you’ll ever be!😉 Mercy! Show yourself some love♥️
This will totally boost your self esteem! EVERY woman should do a photo shoot like this. I promise you won’t regret it! Thank you so much Crystal for helping me love myself again! 😘

Take the Plunge

Thank you! Crystal will be in touch soon!

CLP Boudoir. Boudoir Photography designed to make you feel beautiful, build your self confidence, and celebrate your unique beauty, just the way you are.

217 North Jackson Street Greensburg, IN 47240


© 2020 Crystal Lawburgh Photography

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